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Events from the year 1681 in Denmark.



  • April - The pastor Jacob Worm who is a prisoner at Copenhagen Fortress, is sentenced to death for his satirical poems directed at the king, Thomas Kingo (his father-in-law) and others, but is pardoned and instead send to Tranquebar in exile.[1]
  • April 16 - A royal decree orders the execution of a new cadastral survey. Christian V's Cadastre is completed in 1688.
  • June 25 - A royal decree provides for the first street lighting in Copenhagen. 500 street lights using whale oil are installed but are not to be lit on light summer nights or when the moon is out.[1]
  • June 29 - King Christian V travels from Copenhagen to Kolding in just one day, leaving at 03.00 and arriving Kolding at 22:00.[2]


Nyhavn 9–15, Copenhagen probably by Christen Christensen (1681)


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Full date unknown[edit]


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