1684 in literature

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List of years in literature (table)

This article presents lists of the literary events and publications in 1684.


  • June 25 – The death of Robert Leighton, Archbishop of Glasgow, gives rise to establishment of the Leighton Library at Dunblane, the oldest surviving public subscription (lending) library in Scotland.
  • July 25 – The English novelist and dramatist Mary Griffith marries merchant George Pix.
  • November 11 – The English dramatist Nathaniel Lee is admitted to Bedlam Hospital for the insane.
  • John Banks' historical play The Island Queens, or the Death of Mary Queen of Scotland is banned from the stage; it is produced as The Albion Queens twenty years later (1704).
  • Pierre Bayle begins his journal of literary criticism, Nouvelles de la république des lettres.

New books[edit]