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Works published[edit]

  • Aphra Behn, Poems Upon Several Occasions[1]
  • Samuel Butler, Hudibras. In Three Parts, published anonymously (See also Hudibras, the First Part 1663, Hudibras. The Second Part 1664, Hudibras. The First and Second Parts 1674, Hudibras. The Third and Last Part 1678)[1]
  • Thomas Creech:
    • Translator, The Idylliums of Theocritus, with Rapin's Discourse of Pastorals Done into English, translated from Rene Rapin, Treatise de carmine pastorali[1]
    • Translator, The Odes, Satyrs, and Epistles of Horace, the only complete translation of Horace's poems until that of Philip Francis (see 1743, 1747)[1]
  • Wentworth Dillon, fourth Earl of Roscommon, An Essay on Translated Verse, criticism in verse form, a second edition was also published this year[1]
  • John Dryden and Jacob Tonson, editors, Miscellany Poems, first in a series of miscellanies published by Tonson (see also Sylvae 1685, Examen Poeticum 1693, Annual Miscellany 1694, Poetical Miscellaneis: Fifth Part 1704; Sixth Part 1709)[1]
  • Thomas D'Urfey, The Malcontent: a Satyr, published anonymously; a sequel to The Progress of Honesty 1681[1]
  • John Norris, Poems and Discourses. Occasionally written[1]
  • John Oldham, The Works of Mr John Oldham, posthumously published[1]


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