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Works published[edit]

Portrait of Edmund Waller, by John Riley, circa 1685

Great Britain[edit]

  • Henry Bold, translator, Latine Songs, with their English: and Poems, includes "Chevy Chase", a ballad, and Sir John Suckling's poem "Why so pale and wan fond lover?"[1]
  • John Cutts, (later Baron Cutts), La Muse de Cavalier; or, An Apology for such gentleman as make poetry their diversion, not their business in a letter by a scholar of Mars to one of Apollo,[2] published anonymously[1]
  • Sir William Davenant, The Seventh and Last Canto of the Third Book of Gondibert, published posthumously (see Gondibert 1651)[1]
  • John Dryden and Jacob Tonson, Sylvae; or, The Second Part of Poetical Miscellanies, the second in a series of miscellanies published by Tonson; has translations from Virgil, Lucretius, Theocritus and Horace, mostly by Dryden (see also Miscellany Poems 1684, Examen Poeticum 1693, Annual Miscellany 1694, Poetical Miscellanies: Fifth Part 1704, Sixth Part 1709)[1]
  • Nahum Tate, Poems by Several Hands, and on Several Occasions[1]
  • Edmund Waller, Divine Poems[1]
  • Samuel Wesley, Maggots; or, Poems on Several Subjects, Never Before Handled, published anonymously[1]
  • John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester, Poems on Several Occasions. Written by a late Person of Honour, London: Printed for A. Thorncome, posthumously published[3]

English verses on the death of Charles II and coronation of James II[edit]

Charles II of England died on February 6; James II of England was crowned on April 23:

Portrait of Nalan Xingde, by Yu Zhiding, circa 1685



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