1686 in Sweden

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Bondeståndets talman Per Olsson 1686

Events from the year 1686 in Sweden



  • - Establishment of the 1686 års kyrkolag (1686 Church Law), which confirms and describes the rights of the Lutheran Church and confirms Sweden as a Lutheran state: all non-Lutherans are banned from immigration unless the convert to Lutheranism; the Romani people are to be incorporated to the Lutheran Church; the poor care law is regulated; and all parishes is forced by law to learn the children within it to read and write in order to learn the scripture, which closely eradicates illiteracy in Sweden.[1]
  • - A Commission is formed to create a new civil code, which eventually leads to the Civil Code of 1734.
  • - A new law regarding the rights of domestics is issued.
  • - A reform law allows unmarried women to testify and represent themselves in court despite being legally minors, as the law banning them from doing so is not respected by the courts.[2]
  • - A church regulation explicitly confirm the common custom of Widow Conservation by stating that a parish vicar is to be chosen first by those candidates willing to marry the widow or daughter of his predecessor. [3]
  • The first Swedish language theater is inaugurated with the Dän Swänska Theatren in Lejonkulan.[4]




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