168 Shopping Mall

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168 Shopping Mall
WTMP po-kus 0169.JPG
A shot of the second phase of the mall.
Location918 Soler St, Binondo, Manila, Philippines
Coordinates14°36′17″N 120°58′20″E / 14.60472°N 120.97222°E / 14.60472; 120.97222Coordinates: 14°36′17″N 120°58′20″E / 14.60472°N 120.97222°E / 14.60472; 120.97222
DeveloperYeeloofa Development Corporation
Owner168 Group of Companies
No. of stores and services300+
No. of anchor tenants2
No. of floorsSoler and Santa Elena Wings: 3
Soler-Recto Wing: 7 (including the basement level)

168 Shopping Mall is a shopping complex in Binondo, Manila, the Chinatown of the Philippines. The three-story complex is located along St. Elena and Soler Streets just south of Recto Avenue and Divisoria. It is owned and managed by the 168 Group of Companies. Close competitors to the mall are the 11/88 Mall, the 999 Mall, and the Lucky Chinatown mall. The building houses over 500 tenants and is considered to be one of the most visited malls in the area, before the construction of the Lucky Chinatown mall in 2012.

It is still one of the common destinations when shopping for bargain goods and other commodities, from novelty items, bags, shoes, toys, hardware, RTW's and others.


A shot of the first phase of the mall.

It began its operations in the mid-2000s and was developed by the Yeeloofa Development Corporation (YDC)[1] costing somewhere around 250 million pesos.[2] Being developed by the 168 Group of Companies (168 GoC), the 168 Shopping Mall is only one of many buildings being managed and constructed by the group. Within recent years, Phase 2 of the mall was constructed to accommodate the need for extra space due to the overcrowding in the first phase of the mall and the need of space for tenants.


The common scene inside the mall.

Located on the ground floor are some banks like Security Bank and BDO. Also located here are some men's and women's apparel and accessories boutiques as well.

Continuing on the trend of the boutiques, infant's and children's toys, apparel and accessories can be found throughout the succeeding floors, gifts and decorations, and some food stalls are found here.

A subsidiary of the 168 Group of Companies, the 168 Department Store, is located within the mall complex.

The main food court is located on the third floor.[3][4]


  • 168 Department Store
  • LBC


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