1697 in music

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List of years in music (table)

The year 1697 in music involved some significant events.


Published popular music[edit]

Classical music[edit]

  • Johann KriegerSechs musicalische Partien
  • Henry PurcellTen Sonata’s in Four Parts (trio sonatas), published posthumously in London (Nos. 1–4 composed c1678–79, Nos. 7–9 possibly in 1681–82, No. 10 possibly 1683–84)[1]
  • Johann Christoph RotheSt Matthew Passion


Theoretical writings[edit]

  • Johan Georg Ahlens musikalisches Sommer-Gespräche by Johann Georg Ahle, on cadences, rhetorical figures, and modes. Second part of Ahle's Musikalische Gespräche series of treatises in form of dialogues.




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