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List of years in music (table)

The year 1699 in music involved some significant events.


Classical music[edit]

  • Carlo Agostino BadiaImeneo trionfante, serenata for the wedding of Joseph I and Wilhelmine Amalie of Braunschweig-Lüneburg
  • Carlo Agostino Badia – Tributi armonici, 12 chamber cantatas (published circa 1699)
  • Giovanni Battista BreviLa devotione canora: motetti, libro II, motets for voice and basso continuo
  • Antonio CaldaraSuonate da camera, op. 2; twelve trio sonatas
  • Antonio Caldara – Cantate da camera a voce sola, op. 3; twelve cantatas
  • Nicolas de GrignyPremier livre d'orgue, an organ Mass and hymn settings, comprising 42 pieces; second edition published in 1711
  • Johann PachelbelHexachordum Apollinis, six arias with variations for keyboard
  • Daniel PurcellOde for St Cecilia's Day, the second of the three such pieces by the composer


  • The first issue of Mercurius Musicus: or, the Monthly Collection of New Teaching Songs, one of the earliest planned periodicals of music scores, was published in London


Theoretical writings[edit]

  • Johan Georg Ahlens musikalisches Herbst-Gespräche by Johann Georg Ahle, on consonance and dissonance. Third part of Ahle's Musikalische Gespräche series of treatises in form of dialogues.
  • Primi elementi di musica per li principianti by Giovanni Battista Brevi




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