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The term 16K resolution refers to a display resolution that has 15360 horizontal pixels by 8640 vertical pixels, for a total of 132.7 megapixels.[1] It has four times as many pixels as 8K resolution, sixteen times as many pixels as 4K resolution and sixty-four times as many pixels as 1080p resolution, otherwise known as 8640p.


NHK from Japan has developed a full resolution 8K recording single chip camera that shoots at 60fps at 15360 x 8640p at 12bitHDR and is working on increasing the frame rate to 120fps by the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, the camera is the world's highest resolution digital camera as of 2018.[2]

AMD has announced a target for their future graphics cards to support 16K resolution with a refresh rate of 240Hz for 'true immersion' in VR.[3][4][5]

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