16th Arizona State Legislature

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16th Arizona State Legislature
15th 17th
The facade of the Arizona Capitol building in bright daylight
Jurisdiction Arizona, United States
Term January 1, 1943 – December 31, 1944
Members 19
Party control Democratic (19–0)
House of Representatives
Members 58
Party control Democratic (58–0)
1st January 11 – March 14, 1943
1st Special Session February 15 – February 24, 1944
2nd Special Session February 25 – March 16, 1944

The 16th Arizona State Legislature, consisting of the Arizona State Senate and the Arizona House of Representatives, was constituted in Phoenix from January 1, 1943 to December 31, 1944, during the second of Sidney Preston Osborn's four consecutive terms as Governor of Arizona. The number of senators remained constant at 19, while the house increased from 52 to 58 members. The Democrats controlled one hundred percent of both the senate and house seats.


The Legislature met for the regular session at the State Capitol in Phoenix on January 11, 1943; and adjourned on March 14.[1] There were two special sessions, the first of which was held from February 15 through February 24, 1944,[2] and the second of which was held from February 25 – March 16, 1944.[2]:14

State Senate[edit]


The asterisk (*) denotes members of the previous Legislature who continued in office as members of this Legislature.

County Senator Party Notes
Apache Bert J. Colter* Democratic
Cochise Ralph Cowan* Democratic
Dan Angius* Democratic
Coconino James E. Babbitt* Democratic
Gila S. L. Bixby* Democratic
James R. Heron Democratic
Graham V. P. Richards Democratic
Greenlee A. C. Stanton* Democratic
Maricopa James Minotto Democratic
Walter J. Thalheimer Democratic
Mohave J. Hubert Smith* Democratic
Navajo Lloyd C. Henning* Democratic
Pima H. H. d'Autremont* Democratic
William Kimball* Democratic
Pinal L. E. Canfil Democratic
Santa Cruz W. H. Hathaway Democratic
Yavapai Paul C. Keefe* Democratic
Norman Fain* Democratic
Yuma H. H. Baker* Democratic

House of Representatives[edit]


The asterisk (*) denotes members of the previous Legislature who continued in office as members of this Legislature. The size of the House increased to 58 members; 4 seats were added in Maricopa County and 2 in Pima County.

County Senator Party Notes
Apache Walter Pulsipher* Democratic
Cochise William K. Caley Democratic
Howard McKinney* Democratic
H. J. Lewis* Democratic
Frank W. Sharpe Jr.* Democratic
A. R. Spikes Democratic
Coconino Frank L. Christensen* Democratic
W. C. Rittenhouse Democratic
Gila Robert Fitzgerald Democratic
William G. Rosenbaum* Democratic
Harold Copp* Democratic
Graham Walter Foote Democratic
Warner B. Mattice* Democratic
Greenlee Fred J. Fritz* Democratic
Maricopa Charles H. Abels Democratic
H. C. Armstrong* Democratic
G. N. Baker Democratic
Arthur J. Barnes Democratic
Cecil A. Bell* Democratic
Maxine P. Brubaker* Democratic
William H. Chester Democratic
Jack Cummard Democratic
J. H. Fairbanks Democratic
Carroll Hudson Democratic
Fred M. Jahn Democratic
Frank E. Jordan Democratic
R. F. Kilpatrick* Democratic
Alvin Lindsey Democratic
0. L. McDaniel* Democratic
D. McDonald Democratic
T. McGowan* Democratic
Laura McRae Democratic
W. W. Mitchell* Democratic
S. Norton Democratic
Claire Phelps* Democratic
Kenneth K. Pound Democratic
Joe M. Rumsey Democratic
Mohave E. L. Jameson* Democratic
Navajo John L. Westover Democratic
W. T. Willey Democratic
Pima Frank G. Robles* Democratic
Robert H. Forbes* Democratic
Joseph J. O'Neill Democratic
Roy Martin* Democratic
Gaynor K. Stover* Democratic
John H. Ayraud Democratic
Jerome P. Martin Democratic
D. M. Penny Democratic
A. Berky Democratic
Pinal C. S. Goff* Democratic
George Ernst* Democratic
Santa Cruz Richard S. Stearns Jr. Democratic
Yavapai Robert E. Perkins* Democratic
A. L. Favour Democratic
Leonard Klein* Democratic
Harry E. Metz Democratic
Yuma Clara Osborne Botzum Democratic
Albert W. Dudley* Democratic