16th Division (United States)

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The 16th Division was an American infantry division in World War I. It was the second formation of that name raised in the United States, the first being renamed to 37th Infantry Division (United States) in 1917.

The division was organized in 1918 as a regular army and national army division for World War I, and was commanded by Major General David C. Shanks, with Stephen J. Chamberlin as division Chief of Staff. The Armistice occurred before the 16th Division departed for France; under the command of Guy Carleton, it was briefly considered for inclusion in American Expeditionary Force Siberia, but that conflict also ended before the division could embark. It did not go overseas and demobilized in March 1919 at Camp Kearny, California.

Because the 16th Division was in existence for such a brief period, it never designed or adopted a shoulder sleeve insignia or distinctive unit insignia.