16th GS Caltex Cup

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The 16th GS Caltex Cup began in January 2011. Won Seong-jin, the defending champion, was knocked out in the first round.[1]


As of 1 July 2011.
Round of 16Quarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
4 April
Park Seunghyun0
28 June
Park Junghwan1
Park Junghwan1
9 May
Kim Jiseok0
Park Seunghwa0
Kim Jiseok1
Park Junghwan1
4 May
Lee Younggu0
Ryu Jaehyeong1
30 May
Heo Yeongho0
Ryu Jaehyeong0
23 May
Lee Younggu1
An Hyungjun0
Lee Younggu1
Park Junghwan3
16 May
Pak Yeong-hun0
Kim Sedong0
6 June
Cho Hanseung1
Cho Hanseung1
21 March
Kang Dongyun0
Yeom Junghoon0
Kang Dongyun1
Cho Hanseung0
18 April
Pak Yeong-hun1
Kim Juho0
20 June
Pak Yeong-hun1
Pak Yeong-hun1
11 April
Kang Changbae0
Kang Changbae1
Won Seong-jin0


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