16th Independent Armoured Brigade

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16th Independent Armoured Brigade
Polish: 16 Brygada Pancerna
Active 1941-1943?
Allegiance Poland
Branch Armour
Part of I Corps in the West (Poland)
1st Armoured Division (Poland)
16th Independent Armoured Brigade Emblem Oznaka 16 SBPanc.png

16th Armoured Brigade (Polish: 16 Brygada Pancerna) was a unit of the Polish Armed Forces in the West. The Brigade was formed on September 1, 1941, from the 1st Tank Regiment (1 Pułk Czołgów), which was created as a part of the Polish I Corps in October 1940. On February 24, 1942, the Brigade was assigned to the 1st Armoured Division; in the short period of September to October 1943, the Brigade was merged with the 10th Armoured Brigade to form the 10/16th Armored Brigade. In November 1943, the Brigade was recreated as the 16th Independent Armoured Brigade (16 Samodzielna Brygada Pancerna).