16th Legislative Assembly of Puerto Rico

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The 16th Legislative Assembly of Puerto Rico will meet from January 2, 2009, to January 1, 2013. All members of the House of Representatives and the Senate were elected in the General Elections of 2008. The House and the Senate both have a majority of members from the New Progressive Party.



Office Senator Party District
President Thomas Rivera Schatz PNP At-Large
Vice President Margarita Nolasco PNP At-Large
Majority Leader Roberto Arango (2009-2011) PNP District I
Larry Seilhamer (2011–present) PNP District V
Minority Leader Jose Luis Dalmau PPD District VII

House of Representatives[edit]

Office Representative Party District
Speaker of the House Jennifer Gonzalez PNP At-Large
Speaker Pro Tem Gabriel Rodriguez Aguilo PNP District 13
Majority Leader Rolando Crespo (2008-2011) PNP At-large
Johnny Méndez (2011–present) PNP District 36
Minority Leader Hector Ferrer PPD At-Large

Changes in membership[edit]


Former senator Reason for change Successor Date of successor's
VIII - Carolina Héctor Martínez Resigned March 12, 2011 after being found guilty for corruption.[1] Roger Iglesias June 25, 2011
I - San Juan Roberto Arango Resigned August 28, 2011 after personal scandal.[2] Liza Fernández May 10, 2012[3]
VI - Guayama Antonio Soto Díaz Resigned September 14, 2011 due to investigation on his campaign finances.[4] Miguel A. Rodríguez May 10, 2012[3]
At-large Eder Ortíz Resigned December 31, 2011 to become PPD Electoral Commissioner.[5] Angel Rodríguez Otero August 24, 2012[6]

House of Representatives[edit]

Former senator Reason for change Successor Date of successor's
At-large Iris Miriam Ruíz Resigned on March 1, 2010 after being appointed Ombudswoman.[7] José Torres Zamora June 2, 2010
16 Iván Rodríguez Traverzo Expelled on December 10, 2010 after accusations of bribery.[8] Eric Alfaro April 11, 2011
At-large Luis Farinacci Resigned January 19, 2011 after allegations of domestic violence.[9] Pedro A. Rodríguez March 3, 2011
At-large Rolando Crespo Resigned February 27, 2011 after positive drug test.[10] José Enrique Meléndez May 23, 2011
At-large Héctor Ferrer Resigned March 15, 2012 after allegations of domestic abuse.[11] Eduardo Ferrer May 24, 2012
4 Liza Fernández Resigned to fill vacant seat in the Senate of Puerto Rico. Víctor Parés May 24, 2012


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