16th Manitoba Legislature

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The members of the 16th Manitoba Legislature were elected in the Manitoba general election held in June 1920. The legislature sat from February 10, 1921, to June 24, 1922.[1]

The Liberal Party led by Tobias Norris formed a minority government.[1]

John Thomas Haig of the Conservatives was Leader of the Opposition.[2]

James Bryson Baird served as speaker for the assembly.[1]

There were two sessions of the 16th Legislature:[1]

Session Start End
1st February 10, 1921 May 7, 1921
2nd January 12, 1922 April 6, 1922

James Albert Manning Aikins was Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba.[3]

Members of the Assembly[edit]

The following members were elected to the assembly in 1920:[1]

Member Electoral district Party[4]
  John Williams Arthur Liberal
     William Bayley Assiniboia Labour
  George Little Beautiful Plains Farmer
  George Malcolm Birtle Liberal
     Albert Edward Smith Brandon City Labour
  Maurice Duprey Carillon Farmer
  William H. Spinks Cypress Conservative
     George Hastings Palmer Dauphin Labour
  Robert Stirton Thornton Deloraine Liberal
  Edward August Dufferin Liberal
  Dmytro Yakimischak Emerson Farmer
  Nicholas Hryhorczuk Ethelbert Independent Farmer
  Albert Kirvan Fairford Liberal
  Henry Mabb Fisher Independent Farmer
  William Findlater Gilbert Plains Liberal
  Gudmundur Fjelsted Gimli Farmer
  James William Armstrong Gladstone Liberal
  William Robson Glenwood Independent Farmer
  John Henry McConnell Hamiota Liberal
  Arthur Boivin Iberville Independent
     Charles Albert Tanner Kildonan and St. Andrews Labour
  Samuel Fletcher Killarney Farmer
  Charles Duncan McPherson Lakeside Liberal
  Tobias Norris Lansdowne Liberal
  Philippe Talbot La Verendrye Independent
  John S. Ridley Manitou Conservative
  George Grierson Minnedosa Liberal
  John Kennedy Morden and Rhineland Conservative
  William Clubb Morris Farmer
  James Bryson Baird Mountain Liberal
  Reuben Waugh Norfolk Conservative
  Fawcett Taylor Portage la Prairie Conservative
  Henry Robson Richardson Roblin Farmer
  William McKinnell Rockwood Farmer
  John Morrison Rupertsland Liberal
  William Wilber Wilfred Wilson Russell Liberal
  Joseph Bernier St. Boniface Independent Conservative
     Matthew Stanbridge St. Clements Labour
     Albert Kristjansson St. George Labour
  Joseph Hamelin Ste. Rose Conservative
     Arthur Moore Springfield Labour
  Robert Emmond Swan River People's Independent Party-
  Edward Brown The Pas Liberal
  George William McDonald Turtle Mountain Liberal
  George Clingan Virden Liberal
     Fred Dixon Winnipeg Labour
  Thomas Herman Johnson Liberal
     William Ivens Labour
  John Thomas Haig Conservative
  John Queen Social Democrat
  John Stovel Liberal
  Duncan Cameron Liberal
  George Armstrong Socialist
  Edith Rogers Liberal
  William J. Tupper Conservative



By-elections were held to replace members for various reasons:

Electoral district Member elected Affiliation Election date Reason
Birtle George Malcolm Liberal October 14, 1920 G Malcolm appointed Minister of Agriculture[5]
Lakeside Charles Duncan McPherson Liberal January 31, 1921 CD McPherson appointed Minister of Public Works[5]



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