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The 16th Legislative Assembly of Ontario was in session from June 25, 1923, until October 18, 1926, just prior to the 1926 general election. The majority party was the Ontario Conservative Party led by George Howard Ferguson.

The United Farmers of Ontario party, who had held the balance of power in the preceding assembly, lost most of their seats to Conservatives.

The Liberals led by Wellington Hay were recognized as the Official Opposition following the 1923 election by the governing Conservatives, despite the fact that the United Farmers of Ontario had more seats. According to historian Peter Oliver, this was an arbitrary decision without basis in precedent or law. Conservative Premier G. Howard Ferguson used as justification an announcement by UFO general secretary James J. Morrison that the UFO would be withdrawing from party politics, though Oliver argues that this was facetious logic. UFO parliamentary leader Manning Doherty protested the decision, but to no avail.[1] In the course of the parliament, most UFO MLAs reorganized themselves as the Progressive Party under the leadership of first Manning Doherty and then William Ranery with a rump of three continuing as UFO MLAs under the leadership of Leslie Warner Oke.

Joseph Elijah Thompson served as speaker for the assembly.[2]

Riding Member Party
Addington William David Black Conservative
Algoma Arthur Gladstone Wallis Liberal
Brant Harry Corwin Nixon United Farmers
Brant South Morrison Mann MacBride Labour
Brockville Hezekiah Allan Clark Conservative
Bruce North William Henry Fenton United Farmers
Bruce South Malcolm Alex McCallum United Farmers
Bruce West Alexander Patterson Mewhinney Liberal
Carleton Adam Holland Acres Conservative
Cochrane Malcolm Lang Liberal
Dufferin Charles Robert McKeown Conservative
Dundas Aaron Sweet Conservative
Durham East Albert James Fallis Conservative
Durham West William John Bragg Liberal
Elgin East Michael McKnight Conservative
Elgin West Findlay George MacDiarmid Conservative
Essex North Edward Philip Tellier Liberal
Essex South Adolphus T. Armstrong Conservative
Fort William Franklin Harford Spence Conservative
Frontenac Anthony McGuin Rankin Conservative
Glengarry James Alexander Sangster Liberal
Grenville George Howard Ferguson Conservative
Grey Centre Dougall Carmichael United Farmers
Grey North David James Taylor United Farmers
Grey South David Jamieson Conservative
Haldimand Richard Nixon Berry Conservative
Halton George Hillmer Conservative
Hamilton East Leeming Carr Conservative
Hamilton West Arthur Campbell Garden Conservative
Hastings East James Ferguson Hill Conservative
Hastings North John Robert Cooke Conservative
Hastings West William Henry Ireland Conservative
Huron Centre Ebon Rinaldo Wigle Conservative
Huron North John Joynt Conservative
Huron South Nelson William Trewartha Conservative
Kenora Peter Heenan Labour
Kent East Manning William Doherty United Farmers
Kent West Robert Livingstone Brackin Liberal
Kingston William Folger Nickle Conservative
Lambton East Leslie Warner Oke United Farmers[nb 1]
Lambton West Wilfred Smith Haney Conservative
Lanark North Thomas Alfred Thompson Conservative
Lanark South Egerton Reuben Stedman Conservative
Leeds Andrew Wellington Gray Conservative
Lennox John Perry Vrooman [nb 2] Liberal
Charles Wesley Hambly (1924) Conservative
Lincoln Robert Henry Kemp United Farmers
London Adam Beck Conservative
Manitoulin Beniah Bowman United Farmers[nb 1]
Middlesex East John Willard Freeborn United Farmers
Middlesex North George Adam Elliott Conservative
Middlesex West John Giles Lethbridge United Farmers
Muskoka George Walter Ecclestone Conservative
Niagara Falls William Gore Willson Conservative
Nipissing Henri Morel Conservative
Norfolk North George David Sewell United Farmers
Norfolk South John Strickler Martin Conservative
Northumberland East James Franklin Beatty Belford Conservative
Northumberland West Samuel Clarke Liberal
Ontario North John Wesley Widdifield United Farmers
Ontario South William Edmund Newton Sinclair Liberal
Ottawa East Joseph Albert Pinard Liberal
Ottawa West Harold Fisher Liberal
Oxford North David Munroe Ross United Farmers
Oxford South William Henry Chambers Conservative
Parkdale William Herbert Price Conservative
Parry Sound George Vernon Harcourt Conservative
Peel Thomas Laird Kennedy Conservative
Perth North Joseph Dunsmore Monteith Conservative
Perth South McCausland Irvine Conservative
Peterborough East Thomas Dalton Johnston Conservative
Peterborough West William Herbert Bradburn Conservative
Port Arthur Francis Henry Keefer Conservative
Prescott Edmond Proulx Independent
Prince Edward Horace Stanley Colliver Conservative
Rainy River John Fullarton Callan Labour
Renfrew North Alexander Stuart Conservative
Renfrew South John Carty United Farmers
Riverdale George Oakley Conservative
Russell Aurélien Bélanger Liberal
Sault Ste. Marie James Lyons Conservative
Simcoe Centre Charles Ernest Wright Conservative
Simcoe East William Finlayson Conservative
Simcoe South William Earl Rowe Conservative
Simcoe West James Edgar Jamieson Conservative
St. Catharines Edwin Cyrus Graves Conservative
Stormont John Colborne Milligan Conservative
Sturgeon Falls Zotique Mageau Liberal
Sudbury Charles McCrea Conservative
Timiskaming Angus John Kennedy Conservative
Toronto Northeast - A Alexander Cameron Lewis Conservative
Toronto Northeast - B Joseph Elijah Thompson Conservative
Toronto Northwest - A Thomas Crawford [nb 3] Conservative
William Henry Edwards (1924) Conservative
Toronto Northwest - B Arthur Russell Nesbitt Conservative
Toronto Southeast - A John Allister Currie Conservative
Toronto Southeast - B Edward William James Owens Conservative
Toronto Southwest - A James Arthur McCausland Conservative
Toronto Southwest - B Frederick George McBrien Conservative
Victoria North James Raglan Mark Conservative
Victoria South Robert John Patterson Conservative
Waterloo North William George Weichel Conservative
Waterloo South Karl Kenneth Homuth Labour
Welland Marshall Vaughan Conservative
Wellington East William Edgar Raney United Farmers
Wellington South Lincoln Goldie Conservative
Wellington West William Clarke Chambers Conservative
Wentworth North Frank Campbell Biggs United Farmers
Wentworth South Thomas Joseph Mahony Conservative
Windsor Frank Worthington Wilson Conservative
York East George Stewart Henry Conservative
York North William Keith Conservative
York West Forbes Godfrey Conservative


  1. ^ a b Oke and Bowman sat as their own UFO faction after January 1925
  2. ^ died in 1923
  3. ^ accepted post


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