16th century in South Africa

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16th century in South Africa
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List of years in South Africa




  • 8 June [1552] - The Portuguese galleon São João is wrecked near Port Edward. Only 25 out of the 480 survivors who undertook a 165 days march to the mouth of the Maputo River in what is now Mozambique arrived
  • 1554 - The Portuguese ship Saint Benedict is shipwrecked on the coast of what is now called St. Lucia. The survivors named the estuary Rio dos Medos do Ouro (alternatively Rio dos Médãos do OuroRiver of the Gold Dunes)[1][2]


  • 13 December 1575 - on the feast of Saint Lucy, Manuel Peresterello renamed Rio dos Medos do Ouro to Santa Lucia


  • 18 July 1580 - An English admiral, Sir Francis Drake, rounded the Cape on his voyage round the world. He called it "a most stately thing and the fairest cape we saw in the whole circumference of the earth"
  • 1589 - The Portuguese ship Sao Thome is shipwrecked near Sodwana Bay


  • 1593 - A Portuguese ship, the Santo Alberto is lost off the coast of what is now known as the Wild Coast, Eastern Cape Province. It is believed to be near the Mtata River.
  • 1594 - 1601 - James Lancaster, an English navigator, explores the southern African coast and establishes trade relationships with the Khoikhoi



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