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List of years in music (table)

The year 1700 in music involved some significant events. Much of the music in the 1700s America originated from places such as England, Ireland, Italy, France, and Africa. Much of the music in this time period were ballads, folk songs, drum signals, and psalms. Many songs were used as theater songs, recruiting songs, military marches, and even some dance music. Around this time was when the piano started becoming more and more popular. Violins, fiddles, and flutes were among the most played and most known instruments.[1] Many of the most famous composers in classical music history have come out of the 18th century time period. These include men such as Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, and Bach Johann Sebastian. Mozart is considered the "greatest musical genius of all time." In his lifetime he has been a part of forty-one symphonies, twenty-five string quartets, and nineteen masses. This was only a fraction of the work he has done.[2]


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