1703 in literature

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List of years in literature (table)

This article presents lists of the literary events and publications in 1703.


New books[edit]


  • Joseph AddisonA Letter from Italy
  • Abel BoyerThe History of the Reign of Queen Anne
  • Gilbert BurnetA Third Collection of Several Tracts and Discourses
  • Edmund CalamyA Defence of Moderate Non-Conformity
  • Jeremy CollierMr Collier's Dissuasive from the Play-House
  • William DampierA Voyage to New Holland, &c. in the Year 1699
  • Daniel Defoe
    • A Brief Explanation of a Late Pamphlet, entitled, The Shortest Way with the Dissenters
    • A Dialogue Between a Dissenter and the Observator
    • A Hymn to the Funeral Sermon
    • Hymn to the Pillory
    • More Reformation: A satyr upon himself
    • The Shortest Way to Peace and Union
    • A True Collection of the Writings of the Author of the True-Born English-man
  • John DuntonThe Shortest Way with Whores and Rogues (satire on Defoe)
  • Thomas HearneReliquiae Bodleianae
  • George HickesLinguarum veterum septentrionalium thesaurus grammatico-criticus et archæologicus
  • Benjamin HoadlyThe Reasonableness of Conformity to the Church of England
  • Bernard de MandevilleSome Fables After the Easie and Familiar Method of Monsieur de la Fontaine
  • Leonty MagnitskyArithmetic (Арифметика)
  • Ned WardThe Secret History of the Calves-head Clubb (against Republicanism)
  • Benjamin WhichcoteMoral and Religious Aphorisms