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List of years in science (table)

The year 1704 in science and technology involved some significant events.







  • The second electric machine is invented by British engineer Francis Hauksbee the elder (16661713): the machine was a sphere of glass rotated by a wheel.
  • For watch movements, Peter Debaufre invents the Debaufre escapement, the first frictional rest watch escapement produced: the escapement consists of two saw-tooth escape wheels of the same count.
  • For watch bearings, a jewel bearing made of ruby, comprising a ring (the "hole") with a sink for oil, is invented by Nicholas Facio with Peter and Jacob Debaufre, who used pierced natural rubies. Other gemstones have been used since, including garnet (which is too soft) and diamonds. In the 20th century, synthetic ruby or sapphire becomes universal for jewel bearings.
  • In oil painting, colormaker Diesbach of Berlin (Germany) accidentally invents the pigment Prussian blue, a powerful dark blue pigment with greenish undertones (made from alum and animal bones); therefore, Prussian blue cannot be found in a paint layer predating 1704.




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