170 Street, Edmonton

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170 Street
Gervais Road, Hebert Road
170 Street, Edmonton is located in Edmonton
170 Street, Edmonton
170 Street, Edmonton
170 Street, Edmonton
Start/End points of 170 Street and Gervais / Hebert Road
Maintained by the City of Edmonton
and City of St. Albert

170 Street

Length 13.0 km (8.1 mi)
Location Edmonton
South end Callingwood Road / Wanyandi Road
Whitemud Drive, 87 Avenue, 100 Avenue, Stony Plain Road, Mayfield Road, 107 Avenue, 118 Avenue, Yellowhead Trail, 137 Avenue
North end Levasseur Road (city limits)

Gervais Road & Hebert Road

Length 3.1 km (1.9 mi)
Location St. Albert
South end Levasseur Road (city limits)
St. Albert Trail
North end Boudreau Road

170 Street is a major arterial road in west Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It serves residential, commercial and industrial areas. Gervais Road / Hebert Road is a major arterial road in south St. Albert, Alberta, Canada. It serves residential and commercial areas.

The portion of 170 Street between Whitemud Drive and Yellowhead Trail is part of Edmonton's Inner Ring Road. As such, it is a major artery used for moving people and goods around the city.

West Edmonton Mall is located on the west side of 170 Street between 87 Avenue and 90 Avenue. The Misericordia Community Hospital is located on the east side of 170 Street between 87 Avenue and 90 Avenue. A pedestrian footbridge connects the hospital grounds to the mall.

Prior to Anthony Henday Drive being extended to Yellowhead Trail, 170 Street between Whitemud Drive and Yellowhead Trail was designated as part of Highway 2. In addition, prior to Highway 16X being renumbered to Highway 16, 170 Street between Stony Plain Road and Yellowhead Trail was designated as part of Highway 16.[2]


List of neighbourhoods 170 Street runs through, in order from south to north:[3]


St. Albert[edit]

  • Heritage Lakes
  • Grandin Park
  • Sturgeon Heights
  • Akinsdale
  • Forest Lawn

Major intersections[edit]

Edmonton0.00.0Callingwood Road / Wanyandi RoadAt-grade (traffic lights)
0.80.5069 Avenue / Wolf Willow RoadAt-grade (traffic lights)
1.60.99 Whitemud Drive (Hwy 2)Split diamond interchange (traffic lights)
2.51.6 87 Avenue – Misericordia Community HospitalAt-grade (traffic lights)
2.61.6West Edmonton Mall accessFlyover, northbound exit only (left exit)
2.91.8West Edmonton Mall accessAt-grade (traffic lights), no northbound exit
3.01.990 AvenueAt-grade (traffic lights)
3.82.495 AvenueAt-grade (traffic lights)
4.72.9100 Avenue – City CentreSplit intersection (traffic lights); one-way eastbound
4.93.0 Stony Plain Road to Hwy 16A westSplit intersection (traffic lights); one-way westbound
5.13.2Mayfield RoadAt-grade (traffic lights); northbound exit, southbound entrance
5.23.2103 AvenueAt-grade (traffic lights)
6.23.9107 AvenueAt-grade (traffic lights)
6.94.3111 AvenueAt-grade (traffic lights)
7.34.5114 AvenueAt-grade (traffic lights)
8.15.0118 AvenueAt-grade (traffic lights)
8.55.3 Yellowhead Trail (Hwy 16)Diamond interchange (traffic lights); exit 381 on Hwy 16
11.47.1137 AvenueAt-grade (traffic lights)
12.47.7 Anthony Henday Drive (Hwy 216)Flyover
St. Albert13.08.1Levasseur RoadAt-grade (traffic lights)
North end of 170 Street • South end of Gervais Road
13.68.5Grange Drive / Gloucester DruveAt-grade (traffic lights)
13.98.6 St. Albert Trail (Hwy 2)At-grade (traffic lights)
North end of Gervais Road • South end of Hebert Road
14.48.9Arlington RoadAt-grade (traffic lights)
14.99.3Cunningham RoadAt-grade (traffic lights)
15.39.5Falstaff Avenue / Akins DriveAt-grade (traffic lights)
16.110.0Boudreau RoadAt-grade (traffic lights)
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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