1718 in piracy

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See also 1717 in piracy, 1719 in piracy, and Timeline of piracy.


Baltic Sea[edit]

Caribbean Sea[edit]

  • March 28 - One of Blackbeard's lieutenants, captain Richard and his sloop Revenge, attack the 400 ton Protestant Caesar in the Bay of Honduras.
  • March–April - Charles Vane and 12 pirates capture a Jamaica sloop in the Bahamas, retaining her for his own use.
  • April - Vane captures the sloop Lark in the Bahamas and transfers his crew to her.
  • April 5 - Blackbeard captures the logwood cutting sloop Land of Promise captained by Thomas Newton
  • April 9 - Blackbeard's flotilla, including the Queen Anne's Revenge, Adventure and Revenge, loot and burn the Protestant Caesar out of Boston.
  • April–July 4 - Vane robs seven French and English vessels in the Bahamas.
  • Summer - Howell Davis is turned in as a pirate by the Cadogan's crew and is imprisoned on Barbados. He is eventually released for lack of evidence.
  • July 24–25 - Woodes Rogers arrives at Nassau, Bahamas with two warships to assume his post as governor. Most of the pirates welcome him, except Vane, who sails away shooting at Rogers' vessels.
  • July 27 - Vane captures a sloop from Barbados and incorporates it in his fleet.
  • July 29 - Vane captures the John and Elizabeth, looting some pieces of eight.
  • Autumn
    • Howell Davis leads a mutiny on Rogers' sloop Buck and turns back to piracy. He captures two French ships and a Spanish sloop off Hispaniola.
    • Vane plunders the inhabitants of Isleatherer (Eleuthera?).
  • October - Richard Worley's pirates seize a sloop and a brigantine in the Bahamas.
  • Late November - Vane attacks a French vessel in the Windward Passage, but flees upon discovering it is a warship. The incident causes bad blood between Vane and his quartermaster, Calico Jack Rackham, who favored continuing the attack.
  • December - Vane captures a sloop and two periaguas off northwest Jamaica.
  • December 9–10 - John Augur and eight of his pirates are convicted and sentenced to death for piracy at Nassau, Bahamas
  • December 16 - Vane captures the sloop Pearl in the Bay of Honduras.

North America[edit]

  • May 22 - Blackbeard blockades Charleston, South Carolina with a flotilla of four ships. Five vessels are captured, all merchant traffic is stopped, and several Charleston citizens are held hostage until a ransom of medicines is paid.
  • June 10 - Blackbeard runs his flagship, the Queen Anne's Revenge and sloop Adventure, aground and maroons half his pirate crew.
  • Early June - Blackbeard and Stede Bonnet surrender to North Carolina governor Charles Eden and are pardoned under the Act of Grace, but both soon return to piracy.
  • Late June - Blackbeard captures five ships between Bermuda and North Carolina.
  • June–July - Bonnet in the sloop Royal James (ex-Revenge) captures 13 vessels between North Carolina and Delaware Bay.
  • August 12 - Bonnet captures a shallop in the Cape Fear River.
  • August 30 - Vane takes and ransacks the ships Neptune and Emperor off the Carolinas.
  • Early September - Vane attacks the shipping off Charleston, capturing five vessels. Vane's subordinate, Yeats, defects to the Charleston governor with a sloop, surrendering and accepting a pardon under the Act of Grace.
  • September - Pirates led by Richard Worley, in an open boat, rob a shallop and commandeer two sloops in the Delaware River.
  • September 27 - Bonnet and his men are captured by Colonel William Rhett with two sloops in the battle of Cape Fear River.
  • October 23 - Vane sacks a brigantine and a sloop off Long Island, New York.
  • October 24-November 5 - 33 men captured from Bonnet's sloop Royal James are put on trial before Sir Nicholas Trott in Charleston. 29 are convicted and sentenced to death.
  • Late October - Pirate captain Richard Worley is killed and his two vessels captured in a battle with a squadron of four South Carolinian vessels in Charleston harbor.
  • November 8 - 22 pirates of Stede Bonnet's crew are hanged in Charleston.
  • November 10–12 - Stede Bonnet is tried for piracy, convicted, and sentenced to death by Sir Nicholas Trott in Charleston.
  • November 22 - Blackbeard is killed and his crew captured by Robert Maynard's men in a battle at Ocracoke Inlet.
  • December 10 - Bonnet is hanged in Charleston.

West Africa[edit]

  • Summer-Autumn - Edward England prowls off Sierra Leone, capturing several vessels including the snow Cadogan, whose commanding officer, Captain Skinner, is murdered. England then gives the Cadogan to his mate, Howell Davis.