Saunders Helicogyre

The Saunders Helicogyre was a 1920s experimental helicopter designed by Vittorio Isacco and built by S. E. Saunders Limited for the British Air Ministry. Vittorio Isacco designed and built four different Helicogyre experimental helicopters between 1926 and 1935. In 1928 Air Ministry Specification 2/28 was issued to S. E Saunders for a prototype helicopter to the Helicogyre No. 3 design. The Helicogyre had a conventional 1920s tractor aircraft fuselage and main landing gear but had an extended tailskid to keep the fuselage horizontal. At the front of the fuselage was a 100 hp Armstrong Siddeley Genet piston engine. Behind the cockpit was a braced post on, fitted a four-bladed rotor, each rotor blade was fitted with a 32 hp Bristol Cherub piston engine at the tip; the Helicogyre serial number K1171 was completed in 1929 and delivered to the Royal Aircraft Establishment at Farnborough by road. It was tested in the Balloon Shed, but ground tests were not completed and the programme was cancelled on 30 December 1931 without the Helicogyre having flown.

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1976 Olympia bombing

The 1976 Olympia bombing was a bomb attack on 27 March 1976 carried out by the Provisional IRA at the Olympia exhibition centre in west London. A 2 lb bomb exploded in a litter bin at the top of an escalator inside the centre, which at the time was crowded with 20,000 people attending the Daily Mail's Ideal Home Exhibition. 85 people were injured and 4 people lost limbs. One casualty, 79-year-old Rachel Hyams, died from her injuries 21 days later. Police said they received no coded warning from the IRA, but the Sunday Mirror in Manchester said it received a call from the Provisional IRA's “Irish Brigade” claiming responsibility. Due to the outrage caused, the IRA temporarily halted its bombing campaign in Britain. Cannon Street train bombing West Ham station attack Biddy Mulligan's pub bombing Provisional Irish Republican Army campaign 1969–1997