1721 in piracy

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See also 1720 in piracy, other events in 1721, 1722 in piracy and Timeline of piracy.


Atlantic Ocean[edit]

  • November 15 - Philip Roche leads a bloody mutiny aboard an Irish ship and turns to piracy.

Caribbean Sea[edit]

  • Undated (after April 18) - Thomas Anstis plunders 5-6 ships in the Caribbean, his men raping and murdering one female captive.
  • Undated (after June 13) - George Lowther plunders several ships in the vicinity of Hispaniola.

Indian Ocean[edit]

West Africa[edit]

  • April 18 - Captain Thomas Anstis with 70 men and a brigantine deserts Bartholomew Roberts to start his own piratical career.
  • June 13 - George Lowther leads a mutiny aboard the Gambia Castle, renames her the Happy Delivery, and draws up articles of piracy for his crew.
  • August - Bartholomew Roberts captures the Onslow at Sestos, near Cape Coast Castle. Roberts shifts his flag aboard the Onslow, renaming her the Royal Fortune.
  • Undated (August or later) - Roberts' men attack and disperse 2,000 local tribesmen at Calabar.