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List of years in poetry (table)
In literature

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Works published[edit]

  • Matthew Concanen, editor, Miscellaneous Poems, Original and Translated[1]
  • Eliza Haywood, Poems on several Occasions, published anonymously, issued in Volume 4 of a set of Works, likely published together[1]
  • Allan Ramsay
    • Editor, The Ever Green: Being a collection of Scots poems,[1] in two volumes, the only two of the planned four volumes to be published; Scotland[2]
    • Health[1]
    • Co-author and editor, The Tea-Table Miscellany, a collection of Scots songs, in Scots and English, composed or amended by Ramsay and his friends, the first of four volumes, with the last volume published in 1737[2]
  • Elizabeth Tollet, Poems on Several Occasions, published anonymously[1]
  • William Warburton, Miscellaneous Translations, in Prose and Verse[1]
  • Leonard Welsted, Epistles, Odes &c., Written on Several Subjects[1]


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