CSS Sea Bird

CSS Sea Bird was a sidewheel steamer in the Confederate States Navy. Sea Bird was built at Keyport, New Jersey in 1854, was purchased by North Carolina at Norfolk, Virginia in 1861 and fitted for service with the Confederate States Navy, she was assigned to duty along the Virginia and North Carolina coasts with Lieutenant Patrick McCarrick, CSN, in command. Sea Bird served as the flagship of Confederate Flag Officer William F. Lynch's "Mosquito Fleet" during the hard-fought battles in defense of Roanoke Island on February 7–8, 1862, Elizabeth City, North Carolina, on February 10 when she was rammed and sunk by USS Commodore Perry, her casualties were two killed, four wounded, the rest captured. W. Craig Gaines, Encyclopedia of Civil War shipwrecks. Louisiana State University Press, 2008; this article incorporates text from the public domain Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships. CSS Sea Bird Muster Roll

Tyrophagus casei

Tyrophagus casei, the cheese mite, is a species of mite, inoculated into Milbenkäse and Altenburger Ziegenkäse cheese during their production. It is 0.45–0.70 millimetres long, feeds on cheese, flour, old honeycombs, bird collections, smoked meats. The surface of cheese, colonised by mites may be covered with a fine, grey powder or bloom, due to the mites themselves and their moulted skin and faeces; these impart a distinctive "piquant" taste to various cheeses. Cheese mite Cheese fly or cheese skipper, Piophila casei Finlo Rohrer. "Cheese mites and other wonders". BBC News. Includes The Cheese Mites, the first science documentary meant for the public. A Parable by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, at Wikisource The Dying Whip by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, at Wikisource From a College Window by Arthur Christopher Benson, at Project Gutenberg