1747 in Canada

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Events from the year 1747 in Canada.





  • Sir John Thomas Duckworth, a naval officer who became the governor of Newfoundland: February 9, 1747 (England) - Aug 31, 1817.[2]
  • Samuel Gale, a surveyor and land agent in Lower Canada (Quebec): born in England Oct 14, 1747.[3]


  • January 18: Michel Bégon, commissary of the Marine, councillor in the parlement of Metz, France, inspector general of the Marine, intendant of New France, intendant of Le Havre, of the admiralty of Normandy, and of naval forces (b.1667)
  • August 8: Madeleine de Verchères, daughter of François Jarret, a seigneur in New France, and Marie Perrot (b.1678); Madeline (alt spelling) achieved recognition when, as a young girl, she successfully fought off Iroquois attackers and helped to save Fort Vercheres (Quebec).[4]


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