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Events from the year 1747 in Scotland.


Law officers[edit]



  • 8 MayVeteran sails from Liverpool with 149 Jacobite prisoners (including 15 women) on board to be settled as indentured slaves in the West Indies. On 28 June, the French privateer Diamant captures the ship and frees the slaves.[1]
  • May – abolition of Hereditable Jurisdictions Act breaks the power of the clans.[2]
  • 17 June – Vesting Act authorizes Scottish Court of Exchequer to inquire into the value of estates forfeited from participants in the Jacobite rising of 1745, most forfeitures being upheld,[1] although the Indemnity Act lifts some legal penalties from the participants.
  • 29 DecemberThe Press and Journal begins publication as a weekly, Aberdeen's Journal.
  • Sheriffs (Scotland) Act 1747 provides that trials for treason in Scotland can take place outside the shire in which the crime is committed.
  • William Roy's military survey of Scotland begins.
  • James Lind undertakes one of the first controlled experiments in clinical medicine, on the effect of citrus fruit as a cure for scurvy.[3]



The arts[edit]


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