174th Battalion (Cameron Highlanders of Canada), CEF

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The 174th (Cameron Highlanders of Canada) Battalion, CEF, was a unit in the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) during the First World War. One of a number of Highlander battalions in the CEF, it was based in Winnipeg, Manitoba,[1] and began recruiting during the winter of 1915/16 in Manitoba, northern Saskatchewan, and Alberta; the unit left Halifax bound for England aboard HMT Olympic on 29 April 1917.[2] Upon arrival on 7 May 1917, they proceeded to Upper Dibgate Camp and were absorbed into the 14th Reserve Battalion, which later joined the 11th Reserve Battalion.[3] In this capacity they reinforced the 16th and 43rd Battalions in France and absorbed casualties from these units;[4] the 174th (Cameron Highlanders of Canada) Battalion, CEF, was briefly commanded by Lieutenant-Colonel James A. Cantlie from the end of May to August 20th, 1916, at which time Lieutenant-Colonel H. F. Osler assumed command.[5]


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