Rock Monster

Rock Monster is a 2008 television film directed by Declan O'Brien. It is a Syfy Channel original was premiered on March 22, 2008. A group of traveling college students arrive at an Eastern European small village called Ivanovo after the bus broke down. One of the students, named Jason pulls a sword from a stone, unwittingly reviving a giant monster whose body is composed of rock. At night, the one of his friends, having an injured ankle, goes missing alone in the woods and gets killed by the Rock Monster. Soon, Jason learns that an ancestor of his is Knight Jakivar Lazar had slain a similar monster as the evil Wizard Elas's spirit in imprisoned of the earth and stones from 800 years ago before their timeline, using the same sword; when Jason called the police for help to find Warren at Cassandra’s father mayor office, but the phone lines goes out after the criminal gypsies cut the phone line power cut it from the power pole on the main highway road by going to another town to get a phone call and his friends goes to the main highway road he's saw the gypsies are killed laying on the road, where the Rock Monster reforms and reveals itself to rises to attack them on a main highway road, escape back to the village before the car explodes.

To have a meeting at the town city hall, the Colonel gave his personal speech to villagers about being scared and hide inside their homes or to fight back against the monster by to fight together. The Colonel told Jason a weapon, he's thought it's just a sword, he's tell him that this no ordinary sword, this powerful sword is only one can kill the monster like his ancestor many years ago before. Toni defense told everyone that Jason was so sorry for everything and his mistakes as the townspeople tries to coming towards Jason, but he's decided to stay to help them to destroy the monster for once and all and for a little while after he's screwup mess-up excuse about college life than being a hero to talking to Cassandra for being a real jerk, Toni revealed to him that she's like him, saying goodbye to Benny and won't leave Cassandra and Toni to fight the monster alone behind, as back to the same main road, they're learn is the monster grow stronger after feeding blood from many victims and Dimitar was turning into a real bad guy for using black magic from the Elas's spell books and Jason's another best friend, Benny was killed by a monster eating his head while he's walking alone on the mountainsides and tries to going home.

The Rock Monster came to them in the woods as the villagers tries to firing at it, it's coming after Jason, Jason tries to going to coming for it, but Toni distracted the monster using by a bomb launcher for Jason can kill him and Jason had defeated the Rock monster by stabbing in his ankle with his sword and fell into pieces on the ground for victory and cheering for Jason. At the night to back the village at the pub restaurant, the mayor and the villagers are celebration for Jason killed the monster, Jason explain to everyone how to defeat the monster, doing a party and dancing with everybody else, going to outside where they’re sitting on a bench where he's asked Cassandra come back to America with him after he's graduating from college for three years, moving to Los Angeles for a new start, he's decided to marry her to wait and drinking with the Colonel and the mayor that he's loved his daughter so much as he does respect for her in her great natural beauty appearance and he's loved her as he's asking the mayor to have his daughter in a marriage, when Dimitar tries to kill Jason with a sword at his great-aunt Sophie's cottage when he was sleeping, but Toni and the Farm Boy have came to save him by knocking Dimitar unconscious with a chair behind.

In the jail cell bound with shackles on his hands and ankles, Dimitar told Jason that he can't kill the monster without a red jewel keystone it's not dead and came back, refusing to believe him that's he's still alive, messing bus driver to broke his bus down, send him a letter from him, trick him to pull the sword to release the monster in the woods from slumber to filling for with his density in the woods from the other day and want Cassandra as his new bride after Jason angrily punched him for he's taunting him and leaving him in jail cell laughing evilly with a red jewel keystone around in his neck. On next morning in her father’s mayor office, Jason asked Cassandra to come with him back to America, he's look at his ancestor with a sword and keystone on the ground in a picture portiat hanging on a wall and packing their belongings from the cottage. Jason and Toni heard the gunshots firing, crushing building and see Cassandra holding her dead father in her arms, mayor outside of a wreak jail house while the Colonel told Jason that the monster came back to knock the jail cell and free Dimitar, Jason starts realizes that Dimitar is telling the truth a whole time and Dimitar was behind it all of this, saying a warning that the monster came back to killing everyone until he will have the sword and Jason were dead before the snow storm begins.

As the Rock Monster came back to the village once again to attack some people and the Colonel use a bigger military tank to fire at Jason and the monster are buried in the rocks, Cassandra and the Colonel decided to go back the village sadly about Jason's supported death, so the male barkeeper became the new mayor replaced him after the death of Cassandra's father, the Colonel telling him about they've run out of shells for a tank, there's no army or no contact on high mountains with calling for help in other villages, but he's says they have no choice, he's have a deal with Dimitar to make peace, ask for mercy and control the monster, but Cassandra refused to accept this bad idea, because Dimitar will enslaved this village and people for the monster will come to kill th

One Kiss (album)

One Kiss is the seventh studio album by Canadian country music group Prairie Oyster. It was released by Open Road Recordings on August 22, 2006. "Sweet Sweet Girl to Me," "Too Bad for Me," "I Threw It All Away," "One Kiss" and "Open Up Your Heart" were released as singles. One Kiss is the band's first self-produced album; the band worked on the album at guitarist Keith Glass' home in Ontario. "That's My Home" – 3:15 "Too Bad for Me" – 2:51 "One Kiss" – 4:25 "Open Up Your Heart" – 3:12 "Long and Lonesome Old Freight Train" – 4:20 "I Threw It All Away" – 3:32 "Sweet, Sweet Girl to Me" – 2:39 "Drown Your Sorrows" – 3:04 "Mona Lisa" – 3:17 "I Wish I'd Never Known Love" – 2:45 "Short Time Here" – 3:53 "Heaven or Baton Rouge" – 4:57