1751 Port-au-Prince earthquake

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1751 Port-au-Prince earthquake
1751 Port-au-Prince earthquake is located in Haiti
1751 Port-au-Prince earthquake
Local date November 21, 1751 (1751-11-21)
Magnitude 8.0 Ms
Epicenter 18°30′N 72°18′W / 18.5°N 72.3°W / 18.5; -72.3Coordinates: 18°30′N 72°18′W / 18.5°N 72.3°W / 18.5; -72.3
Areas affected French Haiti
Casualties unknown

The 1751 Port-au-Prince earthquake occurred at 12:50 UTC on 21 November in French Haiti, followed by a sea wave. Another earthquake was reported at the same location on 15 September of the same year and it is uncertain whether the two reports refer to the same event.[1]

Seismological analysis[edit]

Later seismologists attributed the 1751 earthquake, like that of 1910, to adjustments along the Southern Trough.[2]


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