Flaming Youth (song)

"Flaming Youth" is a song by the American rock band Kiss. The song is featured on their 1976 album Destroyer, was the first Kiss single to feature a picture sleeve; the single reached number 74 in the U. S. and 73 in Canada. Although the full album version only ran 2:55, the song was still edited to 2:39 with an earlier fade; the song was written by Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons and Bob Ezrin. Ezrin took pieces of music organized them into one song. For example, one of the main riffs on "Flaming Youth" was from a song that Simmons wrote called "Mad Dog", which appeared on Kiss' 2001 release, The Box Set; the song's instrumentation features a calliope, the use of, inspired by producer Bob Ezrin. In the United States, this was the first Kiss 45rpm 7 inch single to be produced with the tan "Casbah" label. However, it can be found from Japan with the dark blue "smoking man" label. KISS - The Casablanca Singles 1974-1982 box set included the "Flaming Youth" 45rpm 7 inch single from the United States, however, it was pressed onto the dark blue "smoking man" label.

The re-recorded/remastered version of the song from Destroyer- Resurrected was used in the making of the record instead of the original 1976 version. Paul Stanley - lead vocals/rhythm guitar Ace Frehley - lead guitar Gene Simmons - bass guitar/backing vocals Peter Criss - drums Dick Wagner- guitar solo Bob Ezrin - calliope "Discography - "The Casablanca Singles" - "Flaming Youth" CD". Kissmonster. Retrieved 2016-10-11

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