1760 in literature

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List of years in literature (table)

This article presents lists of the literary events and publications in 1760.


New books[edit]


  • Belinda; Or, Happiness the Reward of Constancy: Mannifested in a Series of the Most Interesting and Surprizing Events Ever Yet Made Publick
  • Frances BrookeLetters from Juliet
  • John ClelandThe Romance of a Day
  • Sarah FieldingThe History of Ophelia
  • Charles JohnstoneChrysal vols. i–ii
  • Tobias SmollettThe Life and Adventures of Sir Lancelot Greaves




  • John Balguy – Sermons, vol. 2 (posthumously published)
  • William LawOf Justification by Faith and Works
  • John ShebbeareThe History of the Sumatrans (satire on the Whigs)
  • Tobias SmollettThe British Magazine (periodical)
  • Laurence SterneThe Sermons of Mr. Yorick (the author's sermons)
  • William TytlerAn Historical and Critical Inquiry into the Evidence Against Mary Queen of Scots




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