True Memoirs of an International Assassin

True Memoirs of an International Assassin is a 2016 American action comedy web film directed by Jeff Wadlow from a screenplay co-written with Jeff Morris. The film stars Kevin James, Zulay Henao, Andy García, Maurice Compte, Kelen Coleman, Andrew Howard, Rob Riggle; the film was released on November 11, 2016. Sam Larson is a lonely accountant who plans to publish a fictional novel, Memoirs of an International Assassin, about an assassin who goes about murdering people for money, but is having trouble with his ending the signature line his main character says at the end of the book. While playing pool with his good friend Amos, Amos tells Larson about a mysterious assassin, known as the Ghost, who died in a helicopter crash, but some say he jumped before the helicopter crashed. Inspired, Larson finishes his novel despite Amos's objections, his novel finished, Larson has trouble finding someone to publish his novel, but just as he is about to give up, he gets a call from a virtual publisher, Kylie Applebaum, who wants to publish his book.

Larson agrees, but a couple of days he finds his book's title changed to a nonfictional memoir called True Memoirs of an International Assassin. He confronts Applebaum about this, she reveals that she changed it to get more copies sold, he finds himself ostracized from Amos, who feels that Larson betrayed him by revealing information that he didn't want to be revealed, tells Larson to stop writing other peoples' stories and start living his own. After Amos confronts him, Larson tells Applebaum that he cannot be this person anymore, but Applebaum reveals that she got Larson an interview with Katie Couric. Larson isn't sure but decides to do it after Applebaum mentions that she has ten other authors who want this opportunity. At the interview, Couric reads a passage. At this, Larson becomes uncomfortable, promptly flees the scene, returns home. Soon after, however, he gets sedated; when Larson wakes up, he is greeted by El Toro, a terrorist who wants to start a revolution by murdering the President of Venezuela, Miguel Cueto, El Toro wants Larson to do it himself, since he believes him to be the Ghost.

El Toro warns Larson that if he wasn't the Ghost, he would kill him thus prompting Larson to lie about him being the Ghost. Larson asks El Toro to get him a reconnaissance in Caracas, El Toro tells his second-in-command, Juan, to take him there. At the reconnaissance, Juan reveals that he suspects Larson not to be the Ghost, threatens to kill him. Larson escapes while he is distracted. Larson tells the nearest police about the situation and asks to take him to the Embassy. However, there the police reveal their true intentions, being the henchmen of the gangster Anton Masovich, demands money. Larson tries to call Applebaum, but believing that he is just playing with her, Applebaum hangs up. Before the police can kill him, Larson is saved by Rosa Bolivar. After they escape, Bolivar asks Larson to talk with Masovich to clear up the situation. There, Masovich asks Larson to kill El Toro. Larson pretends to agree after seeing Masovich's violent behavior. Meanwhile, CIA agents William Cobb and Michael Cleveland meet with the president and General Ruiz in regards to Larson, they agree to meet with him.

Larson and Bolivar talk about the situation at a restaurant, but before they can do anything, who caught up with Larson and takes him hostage. Juan and Larson talk about the situation regarding the President. However, Larson tries to get Juan to steal a truck, but in the process, he gets captured by General Ruiz. General Ruiz talks about the situations and how they are unnecessary and asks Larson to kill Masovich, as he has too much power, else Larson will be tried and executed for his involvement with killing the president, prompting Larson to agree. Cobb and Cleveland, who noticed this, decides to kill him indirectly, by filling in Masovich, who goes into a violent rage when he hears that Larson betrayed him. Larson fills her in with the situation. Bolivar reveals that she always wanted to kill Masovich, as the DEA had written her off thanks to him, she comes up with the plan that will humiliate both Masovich and the president, but Larson refuses, stating he just wants to go home. They are promptly attacked by Masovich's minions, they escape, but not before Sam gets shot in the shoulder.

After they find a safe place, Bolivar changes her mind about the plan. Larson finds that Bolivar is worried about him, Bolivar reveals she lost 5 partners in 2 years. Larson and Bolivar return to El Toro's hiding place, they get an army to infiltrate the inauguration ball of the president, which will be when they murder the president; when they reach there, Ruiz reminds Larson to kill Masovich, not the president, Juan, disguised as a waiter under El Toro's orders, reminds him of El Toro's orders. Masovich spots Larson and attempts to kill him, but Bolivar distracts him through dancing, while Larson meets with the president. After they dance and Masovich fight upstairs, while Larson forces the president to reveal his plan to kill Masovich. However, the president reveals he is depressed and hates his life. Larson tries to tell him to make a difference despite thi

Auburn Trail

The Auburn Trail is a multi-use rail trail located principally in the towns of Victor and Farmington, Ontario County, New York. It is 11 miles long and maintained by the Towns of Victor and Farmington and Victor Hiking Trails; the trail follows the alignment of the Auburn and Rochester Railroad. Additional disconnected portions of the Auburn trail are found in the Towns of Pittsford and Brighton, Monroe County, NY. A detailed description and map of the Auburn Trail are available from Victor Hiking Trails. North and west of Wolston Rd, the Town of Pittsford continues the Auburn Trail for a ways as a footpath; this 9 miles section was constructed and is maintained by the Town of Victor, New York and Victor Hiking Trails Inc. as a multiuse trail. Their detailed map of the Auburn Trail and trail description is available, it is 8-foot to 10-foot wide stonedust surface. Most of the route is on the bed of the Rochester Railroad, it passes through village, rural, light industrial, considerable "suburban wild" areas.

The Auburn Trail runs southeast from Woolston Rd and Powder Mills Park and crosses Railroad Mills Rd. There are two bridges over Irondequoit Creek, one the original railroad stone culvert, the other a new steel bridge where the old culvert collapsed. There is limited parking available at the trailhead in Powder Mills Park, at Railroad Mills Rd, Fishers Rd. A pocket park is located at the steel bridge; the trail crosses Fishers Road 1,000 feet north of the New York State Thruway, crosses under the Thruway shortly thereafter From the Thruway, the trail continues south, over Irondequoit Creek, through the hamlet of Fishers, New York. In and around Fishers is an area known as "Art Along the Auburn." Some of the art includes a mural in the Thruway underpass, an innovative bike rack as a train cowcatcher, a "troll" next to a bridge on the connecting Domine Trail, others for trail users to discover. A cobblestone pump house, built in 1845 and used to water the steam locomotives, is just south of Main Street Fishers.

Parking is available at the kiosk behind the Fishers Fire House. The trail continues past Phillips Road. In this block is a major sports facility. Limited parking is available at Phillips Rd. 1,000 feet southeast of Phillips Road, the trail passes under the steel truss bridge of the old Lehigh Valley Railroad, now the multiuse Lehigh Valley Trail. As the Auburn Railroad was built forty years before the Lehigh Valley, the newer road was obligated to build its bridge over the older line; the Dryer Trail crosses There is available parking in the nearby FLCC facility and in Lehigh Crossing Park. The Auburn Trail continues southeast from the Lehigh Valley, passing Victor-Mendon Road and Rawson Road to School Road in the Village of Victor. Limited parking is available at NY251 and at Rawson Rd; the Seneca Trail shares some of this section as it crosses the Auburn Trail. The Trolley Trail shares with both along here. Here the Auburn Trail detours from the old Auburn Road, to bypass an active rail siding.

The trail follows School Street northeast for a short distance, before turning southeast on the old Rochester and Eastern Rapid Railroad alignment. This interurban electric railway ran trolleys from Rochester to Auburn from 1906 to 1930, the Auburn Trail follows the alignment for 0.5 miles from School Street to Maple Avenue in the Village of Victor. The trail follows Maple Street south to the intersection with the Auburn Railroad alignment at Railroad Street; the trail continues to the southeast past the old Victor Passenger Station of the Auburn Railroad, now a gift shop. Parking is available at the far end of the lot here. A trailhead kiosk is at Maple St. East of the old station, the trail continues on past Ketchum Street/Proximity Lane to Brace Road, by Break of Day Road and onto East Victor Road. Limited parking is at both Brace and Break of Day Roads; this section was opened in late 2018. The trail continues to the east, entering the Town of Farmington, crosses over Mud Creek on an enormous railroad embankment and passes by the former railroad hamlet of Mertensia NY.

Parking is available in Farmington's Mertensia Park. The 2 mi Farmington portion of the Auburn Trail crosses Mertensia Road and follows through a modern subdivision to Boughton Hill Road The trail goes past the undeveloped Beaver Creek Park and onto the Canandaigua-Farmington Townline Road, where it temporarily ends. There is an alternative branch trail to NY Route 332. Most of this section opened in 2019; the town of Canandaigua together with the City of Canandaigua have completed a plan in 2012 for completing that link in the Auburn Trail. They are now seeking funding sources. In the city, Ontario Pathways is planning extending their trail northwest to meet this section. Portions of the old Auburn Railroad alignment in the Towns of Brighton and Pittsford, Monroe County, NY are open to the public as trails. One portion, about 2.7 miles, runs through Brighton from Highland Avenue at Village Lane, south past Elmwood Avenue to Allens Creek Road, parallel to and just east of Interstate 590 Southeast of Allens Creek Road the alignment of the old Auburn Railroad passes be