1769 Census (Denmark–Norway)

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Map of the Oldenburg State, c. 1780.

The 1769 Census was the first census covering the Oldenburg State: the Kingdom of Denmark, the Kingdom of Norway (including the Faroese Islands and Iceland), the Duchy of Schleswig, the Duchy of Holstein, and the Countship of Oldenburg.

Number of inhabitants[edit]

Country Region Inhabitants
Denmark in toto 786,000+[1]
Norway in toto 774,000
Norway proper 723,000[1]
Faroese Islands 5,000[1]
Iceland 46,000[1]
Schleswig in toto 244,000[1]
Holstein in toto 279,000
royal part 135,000[1]
ducal part 144,000[1]
Oldenburg in toto 79,000[1]

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