1773 in architecture

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List of years in architecture (table)

Buildings and structures

The year 1773 in architecture involved some significant events.


  • July 30 – Following the discovery of the iron waters in the civil parish of Fraião, archbishop D. Gaspar de Bragança orders the municipal council to proceed with the use of the waters.[1] The municipal government contracts master mason Paulo Vidal (a resident of Adaúfe) to construct a fountain for 80$000 réis."for the people with better hygiene, comfort and seclusion to serve from the said water".
  • Caspar Frederik Harsdorff is commissioned to redesign the Hercules Pavilion at Rosenborg Palace, Copenhagen, Denmark. His design with niches and statues gives the building its current name.[2]
  • Domenico Merlini becomes the Royal Architect in Poland.

Buildings completed[edit]




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