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October 26 - Phillis Wheatley sends a poem and letter to General George Washington in his honor, he responded to her in 1776.[1]

Works published[edit]

Colonial America[edit]

  • Anna Young Smith, published under the pen name "Sylvia", "An Elegy to the Memory of the America Volunteers", published in the Pennsylvania Magazine, Colonial America[2]
  • Philip Freneau:
    • "General Gage's Soliloquy"[3]
    • "General Gage's Confession"[3]
    • "A Voyage to Boston"[4]
    • "American Liberty"[4]
    • "A Political Litany"[4]
  • John Trumbull, first two cantos of M'Fingal, a satire on American Tories during the American Revolution (later published in completed form in 1782)[3]

United Kingdom[edit]


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