Outing Riley

Outing Riley is a 2004 comedy film about a gay man coming out to his three brothers written and starring Pete Jones. It was screened at the 2004 Chicago International Film Festival and released on video in 2007; the movie was subsequently renamed If Dad Only Knew. Bobby Riley is a gay man in the closet, afraid to come out to his three older brothers though he's over 30, makes his own money, lives on his own, is being pressed by his more liberal sister, his boyfriend, his lesbian beard to tell them; the death of his father and a fishing trip with his brothers provide occasions when he could tell them, but he fails. The expectations of a close-knit Irish Catholic family in Chicago are hard. All the family's secrets are revealed, his brothers' as well as Bobby's, the siblings all grow closer in the process. Pete Jones as Bobby Riley Nathan Fillion as Luke Riley Stoney Westmoreland as Connor Riley Dev Kennedy as Jack Riley Michael McDonald as Andy Julie Pearl as Maggie Riley Bob Riley as Mr. Riley Wendy Snyder as Smoking Woman Outing Riley on IMDb Outing Riley at AllMovie

Aleksandr Fukin

Aleksandr Fukin is a Russian futsal player who plays for Dinamo Moskva and the Russian national futsal team. Fukin is a graduate of Dina Moscow, he made his debut for first team in 2001/02, when he scored his first goal and became one of the youngest player scored goal in the history of Russian futsal. In 2003/04 he helped Dina to win silver medals and was honored he best young player of Russian championship. Fukin was a member of Russian national team on European Futsal Championships in 2005 and 2007, where Russian side won silver and bronze medals. In 2007, he scored goal in the match for the third place against Portugal. In 2005/06 and 2006/07 he was among top-10 goalscorers of Russian championship but silver medals-2003/04 was the only success with Dina – club’s result were quite poor that time. In 2008/09 he moved to Dinamo Moscow; that year he won. With Dinamo he won three titles of Russian champion –. Russian champion: 2010/11, 2011/12, 2012/13 Russian Cup winner: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013 UEFA Futsal Cup runner-up: 2011/12, 2012/13 European Futsal Championship silver medalist: 2005, 2012, 2014 European Futsal Championship bronze medalist: 2007 Futsal World Championship semi-final: 2008 UEFA profile AMFR profile