1783 New Jersey earthquake

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1783 New Jersey earthquake
UTC time 1783-08-30 03:50
Local date November 29, 1783
Magnitude 5.3 Mfa[1]
Areas affected Province of New Jersey
Max. intensity VII (Very strong)

The 1783 New Jersey earthquake occurred on November 29 in the Province of New Jersey. It measured 5.3 on a seismic scale that is based on an isoseismal map or the event's felt area.[1] It stands as the most powerful earthquake to occur in the state.[2]


Shaking was felt from New Hampshire to Pennsylvania.[3] A brief foreshock occurred at 9:00 PM on November 29 (02:00 UTC on November 30) and an aftershock five hours later were reported only in New York City and in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.[4] The earthquake caused intensity VII damage on the Mercalli intensity scale.[5] George Washington was sleeping at Fraunces Tavern when the earthquake struck, but he was not woken by the tremors.[6]


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