178th (2/1st Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire) Brigade

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The 178th (2/1st Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire) Brigade was an infantry brigade of the British Army. The brigade saw active service during World War I and the number was reactivated again in World War II.

First World War[edit]

The brigade was raised during the First World War. It was formed as a Territorial Force duplicate of the 139th (1/1st Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire) Brigade originally from those men in the Territorial Force who had agreed, at the outbreak of war, to not serve overseas. Assigned to the 59th (2nd North Midland) Division, the brigade saw service on the Western Front. The brigade saw service at Passchendaele, Cambrai and during Operation Michael, part of the Spring Offensive.

Order of battle[edit]


Second World War[edit]

The brigade number was reactivated again in the later stages of World War II as the 178th Infantry Brigade. The brigade was formed on 21 April 1945 in the United Kingdom, shortly before Victory in Europe Day and the end of the war in Europe, for the reception and retraining of personnel who were returning from fighting overseas, who were temporarily unfit from wounds suffered or other medical causes. The brigade was assigned to 45th Division, and disbanded on 11 August 1945.[2]


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