Hugh Williams

Hugh Anthony Glanmore Williams was an English actor and dramatist of Welsh descent. Born in Bexhill-on-Sea, Sussex as Hugh Anthony Glanmor Williams, his nickname was "Tam", he trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. He was a popular film and stage actor, who became a major film star in the British cinema of the 1930s. In 1930 he toured America in the cast of the R. C. Sheriff play Journey's End and appeared in his first film Charley's Aunt during a spell in Hollywood, he returned to Britain and became a mainstay of the British film industry. He made 57 film appearances as an actor between 1930 and 1967, he collaborated with his second wife on several plays, such as The Grass Is Greener and the screenplay for the subsequent film. He died from throat cancer, aged 65, in London, he was married twice: Gwynne Whitby Loo Williams Prue Williams Margaret Vyner: Hugo Williams, poet Simon Williams, actor who married Belinda Carroll and Lucy Fleming Polly Williams, actress who married Nigel Haversand his grandchildren included: Kate Dunn, actress Amy Williams, actress Tam Williams, actor The Grass is Greener The Grass Is Greener Charlie Girl Journey's End Grand Hotel While Parents Sleep Flowers of the Forest Masterpiece Playhouse in episode: Richard III The Count of Monte Cristo playing Millet in episode: "Flight to Calais" Colonel March of Scotland Yard playing Harold Hartley in episode: "The Talking Head" Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. Presents as Shayar in "Scheherezade" The New Adventures of Charlie Chan playing Inspector Marlowe in episode: "Dateline Execution" The New Adventures of Charlie Chan playing Inspector Marlowe in episode: "No Future for Frederick" The New Adventures of Charlie Chan playing Inspector Marlowe in episode: "Safe Deposit" Sweet, Matthew.

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Freetown & Lakeville Public Schools

Freetown & Lakeville Public Schools, formally the Freetown-Lakeville Regional School District and Superintendency Union #34 is a school district serving the towns of Freetown and Lakeville in Massachusetts, United States. The Freetown and Lakeville schools existed on two tiers: the local schools, controlled by each town individually, the district schools, controlled by both towns; the elementary schools were controlled by each town's school committee, owned by each town individually, were not subject in any way to the other town. The regional schools were controlled by both towns under the District. Under this system, an elementary school teacher is employed by either Freetown or Lakeville, but a middle or high school teacher is employed by the District; the Superintendent and other main administrative personnel are employed by three different entities: Freetown and Freetown-Lakeville. A theoretical "third tier" was added in 2004 when the former Austin Middle School reopened as the George R. Austin Intermediate School.

GRAIS contained not only the District's fifth grade, but Lakeville's local fourth grade, creating a system where one building was under the control of two different school committees. This has led to minor confusion over which entity is responsible for the building though it remains the property of both towns; this was eliminated in 2009 with the fourth graders moving back to Assawompsett. For the 2012-2013 school year 4th grade will be added from both towns to George R. Austin Intermediate School. Fifth grade will remain as well. Assawompsett Elementary School: Bethany Pineaut Freetown Elementary School: Michael Ward George R. Austin Intermiediate School: Dr. Elizabeth Sullivan Freetown-Lakeville Middle School: John Higgins and Bryan Oliveira Apponequet Regional High School: Dr. Barbara Starkie Superintendent: Richard Medeiros Freetown Elementary School Assawompsett Elementary School George R. Austin Intermediate School Freetown-Lakeville Middle School Apponequet Regional High School Students in grades 9 to 12 that wish to attend a Vocational Technical High School may attend Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School.

Note that Lakeville is a member town while Freetown is not and students are limited to about 90 from Freetown. Students in grades 9 to 12 that wish to attend an Agricultural High School may attend Bristol County Agricultural High School. Technically, students from Lakeville could apply to Norfolk County Agricultural High School, as they are in Plymouth County, but in practice they apply to Bristol Aggie. Students could go to local private high schools. Lakeville students receives buses from Old Colony while Freetown receives buses from Freetown-Lakeville. Freetown students must take an Apponequet bus and transfer at Apponequet to an Old Colony bus from Apponequet. Students attending Bristol County Agricultural High School receive buses from Bristol County Agggie unlike Old Colony Students. However, Students must take an Apponequet bus and transfer to a Bristol County Agricultural bus from Apponequet. List of school districts in Massachusetts Freetown & Lakeville Public Schools