1790s in South Africa

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1790s in South Africa
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The following lists events that happened during the 1790s in South Africa.






  • Xhosas clash with the white settlers at the Fish River starting full out war, 2nd Cape Frontier War
  • War is declared by the victorious French revolutionaries against the Dutch Prince of Orange
  • Britain goes to war against France
  • 2 September – Abraham Josias Sluysken is appointed the Governor of the Cape. He is the last governor under Dutch East India Company rule
  • 8 October - After a series of victories, the Dutch commandoes led by Landdrost Honoratus CD Maynier, could not force the Xhosa back over the Fish River and peace was accepted and thereby ending the 2nd Cape Frontier War. [2]


  • The Dutch East India Company is in financial ruins
  • 29 January – Farmers expelled the officials of the Dutch East India Company and established an independent government at Graaff Reinet
  • 18 June Swellendam follows Graaff Reinet and declares a republic under Hermanus Steyn
  • The Netherlands is invaded by the French under the leadership of Napoléon Bonaparte
  • A republic is declared by Dutch revolutionaries and the Prince of Orange flees to England
  • 16 September – British forces under General Sir James Henry Craig seizes the Cape Colony for the Stadtholder Prince William V of Orange
  • The republics of Graaff Reinet and Swellendam reject the British and the British army is sent in
  • The start of free trade was announced



  • The first Post Office is established in the Cape Colony
  • The Dutch East India Company is liquidated
  • The first mosque in southern Africa is established in Dorp Street by Tuan Guru
  • A Dutch Reformed Church is founded at Swellendam
  • 22 November Dundas is appointed Governor of the Cape





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