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List of years in poetry (table)
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Works published[edit]

United Kingdom[edit]

Title page of The Posthumous Works of Ann Eliza Bleecker

United States[edit]



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  • June 1 – Henry Francis Lyte (died 1847), Scottish-born Anglican priest and hymn-writer
  • July 13 – John Clare (died 1864), English "peasant poet"
  • August 25 – John Neal (died 1876),[4] American author, art and literary critic and poet, who refused to emulate British authors by writing strictly in a clean tone, instead writing more as he spoke and allowing his characters to speak gruffly, if the story called for it; also an early women's rights advocate, prohibitionist, temperance advocate, accomplished lawyer, boxer and architect who reportedly, at the age of 79, threw a smoker off a non-smoking trolley when the man refused to stop
  • September 25 – Felicia Hemans (died 1835), English poet


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