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List of years in literature (table)

This article presents lists of the literary events and publications in 1797.


  • June 5 – Poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge, living at Nether Stowey in the Quantock Hills of Somerset, renews his friendship with William Wordsworth and Wordsworth's sister, Dorothy, who take a house nearby.[1]
  • July 15George Colman's comedy The Heir at Law opens in London. It introduces the character of Dr. Pangloss to the stage and the phrase "Queen Anne's dead" to the language.
  • August – The British Home Office sends an agent to Nether Stowey to investigate Coleridge and Wordsworth who are suspected of being French spies.[2]
  • October – Coleridge composes the poem Kubla Khan in an opium-induced dream, writing down only a fragment of it on waking.
  • November 1Jane Austen's father writes to London bookseller Thomas Cadell to ask if he is interested in seeing the manuscript of Jane's recently completed novel First Impressions (later re-titled Pride and Prejudice); Cadell declines.
  • December 24Walter Scott marries Charlotte Carpenter at St Mary's Church, Carlisle, and the couple immediately move into their new home at 50 George Street, Edinburgh.[3]
  • Hatchards bookshop is founded in London's Piccadilly by John Hatchard; it continues to trade from the same site into the 21st century.

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