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Original author(s) Jeffery Huang
Developer(s) 17Media
Initial release June 2015; 3 years ago (2015-06)
Platform Android, iOS
Size 16.5MB (Android), 39.9MB (iOS)
Available in Chinese, English
Website 17.media
17.live (Desktop platform)

17 is a live video streaming mobile app designed by Taiwanese pop singer Jeffery Huang, which features instant photo and video sharing functions. Client apps are available for iOS and Android smartphone systems.[1] It was first launched in App Store on 5 June 2015, and sooner in Play Store on 10 June 2015. The app was re-released on 28 October 2015 after being banned due to prohibited content.[2]

Jeffery Huang, the founder of 17.

The app gained popularity and became one of the most popular live streaming app in Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Indonesia with approximately 700 thousand daily active users.[3]


17 allows users to post photos and videos in their album and broadcast live. The privacy setting inside can be used to allow only permitted users have the right to access to it. Users can follow each other to track the recent status.[4]


The app was complained that it has became a platform for broadcasting indecent scenes as live broadcast of sexual intercourse process through the app was found. These unauthorized broadcasting lives attracted over millions of audience to watch.[citation needed] The founder of the 17, Jeffery Huang, claimed broadcast would be stopped and the user’s account would be deleted if they received any complaints. Also, they responded they would have a stricter supervision system, so as to avoid similar incidents from happening.[5][6]


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