17th Frigate Squadron (United Kingdom)

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17th Frigate Squadron
Active November 1955 – February 1972
Country  United Kingdom
Branch  Royal Navy
Size Squadron
First Captain John E. Scotland
Last Captain Wilfred J. Graham

The 17th Frigate Squadron was an administrative unit of the Royal Navy from 1955 to 1972.

Operational history[edit]

17th Frigate Squadron featuring V-class HMS Venus (F50), Whitby-class HMS Torquay (F43), Type 15-class HMS Urchin (F196) and Type 15-class HMS Wizard (F72), March 1963 (IWM)

During its existence, the squadron included Type 15 and Whitby class frigates. The squadron served as the Dartmouth Training Squadron for cadets at Britannia Royal Naval College.

The main task of the squadron was to train officer cadets in basic ship experience. Sea time experience was given also to young Royal Marine officers and Engine Room Artificer apprentices. There were three cruises a year which coincided with the terms at Dartmouth College. These cruises usually alternated between the Mediterranean and the Baltic. The squadron was disbanded in 1972.

Squadron commander[edit]


Commander Ship Dates
Captain John E. Scotland HMS Vigilant November 1955-April 1957
Captain Morgan C. Giles HMS Vigilant April 1957-December 1958
Captain Peter N. Howes HMS Vigilant December 1958-August 1960
Captain Peter Ashmore HMS Roebuck August 1960-December 1961
Captain Terence T. Lewin HMS Urchin December 1961-August 1963
Captain North E.F. Dalrymple-Hamilton Nonsuch August 1963-December 1964
Captain Christopher B.H. Wake-Walker HMS Tenby/HMS Eastbourne December 1964-August 1966
Captain Ronald Forrest HMS Torquay August 1966-December 1967
Captain Ian S. S. Mackay Eastbourne December 1967-July 1969
Captain O. Nigel A. Cecil HMS Tenby/HMS Scarborough July 1969-February 1971
Captain Wilfred J. Graham Nonsuch February 1971-1972


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