17th Genie Awards

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17th Genie Awards
Date November 27, 1996
Site The Guvernment
Toronto, Ontario
Hosted by Rebecca Jenkins, Mark Farrell
Best Picture Lilies

The 17th Genie Awards were held on November 27, 1996, to honour films released in late 1995 and 1996. They were the second Genie Award ceremony held in that year; the 16th Genie Awards were delayed from the fall of 1995 and took place in January 1996 instead.

Nominees and winners[edit]

Winners and nominees were:[1][2]

Motion Picture Direction
Actor in a leading role Actress in a leading role
Actor in a supporting role Actress in a supporting role
Original Screenplay Adapted Screenplay
Best Feature Length Documentary Best Short Documentary
Art Direction/Production Design Cinematography
Costume Design Editing
Overall Sound Sound Editing
  • Blue ribbon Don Cohen, Keith Elliot, Scott Purdy, Scott Shepherd, Don White, Lilies
  • David Appleby, D. Bruce Carwardine, Tim O'Connell, Don White, Brain Candy
  • Jocelyn Caron, Claude Hazanavicius, John Netsorwich, Hans Peter Strobl, Le Polygraphe
  • Kelly Cole, Dam Giammarco, Jochen Schlissler, Paul Sharpe, Hard Core Logo
  • Christian Cooke, David Lee, Dino Pigat, Lou Solakofski, Orest Sushko, Crash
  • Blue ribbon Tom Bjelic, David Evans, Wayne Griffin, John Laing, Andy Malcolm, Dale Sheldrake, John Smith, Crash
  • Fred Brennan, Yann Delpeuch, Paula Fairfield, Virginia Storey, House
  • Fred Brennan, Sue Conley, Yuri Gorbachow, Andy Malcolm, Jane Tattersall, Brain Candy
  • Diane Boucher, Tony Currie, Rich Harkness, Janice Ierulli, Donna Powell, Jane Tattersall, Lilies
  • Jerome Decarie, Serge Fortin, Jean-Pierre Pinard, Mario Rodrigue, Raymond Vermette, Le Polygraphe
Achievement in Music: Original Score Achievement in Music: Original Song
Best Short Film Special Awards


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