17th Gurkha Division

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17th Gurkha Division
Active 1952–1970
Country  United Kingdom
Branch Flag of the British Army.svg British Army
Type Infantry Division
Engagements Malayan Emergency

The 17th Gurkha Division/Overseas Commonwealth Land Forces (Malaya) was a British military formation that saw active service during the Malayan Emergency.


The Division was formed on 1 September 1952 at Maxwell Road Camp, Malaya, as part of the army response to the Malayan Emergency.[1] It was a redesignation of Headquarters South Malaya District.

It perpetuated the traditions of the former 17th Indian Infantry Division which had used a Black Cat as its emblem.[2]

Headquarters 17th Gurkha Division was the operational headquarters for all British and Gurkha units in Malaya.[3] It controlled the 26th, 48th and 63rd Gurkha Brigades, and 99th Gurkha Brigade which formed about 1952 also came under command. Maxwell Road Camp was renamed Lamjung Camp in 1953.

In 1957, upon the Federation of Malaya gaining independence from British colonial rule, the Division was redesignated as the 17th Gurkha Division/Overseas Commonwealth Land Forces (Malaya).[4]

It was based at Lamjung Camp in Kuala Lumpur until 1966 when it moved to Seremban[5] where it remained until the Division disbanded in 1970.[6] The final order of battle included 63rd and 99th Gurkha Brigades.

General Officers Commanding[edit]

Commanders included:[6]


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