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The 17th Quebec Legislature was the provincial legislature that existed in Quebec, Canada from May 16, 1927, to July 30, 1931. The Liberal Party, led by Louis-Alexandre Taschereau as Premier of Quebec had a majority of seats in the Legislative Assembly of Quebec and was the governing party.

Seats per political party[edit]

Affiliation Members
  Liberal Party 75
     Conservative Party 9
  Labour 1
 Government Majority

Member list[edit]

This was the list of members of the Legislative Assembly of Quebec that were elected in the 1927 election:

Name Party Riding
     Hector Authier Liberal Abitibi
     Georges-Étienne Dansereau Liberal Argenteuil
     Joseph-Édouard Perrault Liberal Arthabaska
     Joseph-Émery Phaneuf Liberal Bagot
     Joseph-Hugues Fortier Liberal Beauce
     Louis-Joseph Papineau Liberal Beauharnois
     Antonin Galipeault Liberal Bellechasse
     Cléophas Bastien Liberal Berthier
     Pierre-Émile Côté Liberal Bonaventure
     Carlton James Oliver Liberal Brome
     Alexandre Thurber Liberal Chambly
     William-Pierre Grant Liberal Champlain
     Edgar Rochette Liberal Charlevoix et Saguenay
     Honoré Mercier Jr. Liberal Châteauguay
     Gustave Delisle Liberal Chicoutimi
     Jacob Nicol Liberal Compton
     Arthur Sauvé Conservative Deux-Montagnes
     Ernest Ouellet Liberal Dorchester
     Hector Laferté Liberal Drummond
     Cyrille Baillargeon Liberal Frontenac
     Gustave Lemieux Liberal Gaspé
     Aimé Guertin Conservative Hull
     Andrew Philps Liberal Huntingdon
     Lucien Lamoureux Liberal Iberville
     Joseph-Édouard Caron Liberal Îles-de-la-Madeleine
     Victor Marchand Liberal Jacques-Cartier
     Lucien Dugas Liberal Joliette
     Nérée Morin Liberal Kamouraska
     Pierre Lortie Liberal Labelle
     Émile Moreau Liberal Lac-Saint-Jean
     Walter Reed Liberal L'Assomption
     Joseph-Olier Renaud Sr. Conservative Laval
     Alfred-Valère Roy Liberal Lévis
     Élisée Thériault Liberal L'Islet
     Joseph-Napoléon Francoeur Liberal Lotbinière
  William Tremblay Labour Maisonneuve
     Joseph-William Gagnon Liberal Maskinongé
     Joseph-Arthur Bergeron Liberal Matane
     Joseph Dufour Liberal Matapédia
     Lauréat Lapierre Liberal Mégantic
     Alexandre Saurette Liberal Missisquoi
     Joseph-Ferdinand Daniel Liberal Montcalm
     Charles-Abraham Paquet Liberal Montmagny
     Louis-Alexandre Taschereau Liberal Montmorency
     Aldéric Blain Conservative Montréal-Dorion
     Ernest Poulin Liberal Montréal-Laurier
     Anatole Plante Liberal Montréal-Mercier
     Joseph Henry Dillon Liberal Montréal–Sainte-Anne
     Joseph Gauthier Liberal Montréal–Sainte-Marie
     Charles Ernest Gault Conservative Montréal–Saint-Georges
     Alfred Leduc Liberal Montréal–Saint-Henri
     Irénée Vautrin Liberal Montréal–Saint-Jacques
     Joseph Cohen Liberal Montréal–Saint-Laurent
     Peter Bercovitch Liberal Montréal–Saint-Louis
     Pierre-Auguste Lafleur Conservative Montréal-Verdun
     Joseph-Euclide Charbonneau Liberal Napierville-Laprairie
     Joseph-Alcide Savoie Liberal Nicolet
     Désiré Lahaie Liberal Papineau
     Wallace Reginald McDonald Liberal Pontiac
     Édouard Hamel Liberal Portneuf
     Joseph-Ephraim Bédard Liberal Québec-Comté
     Joseph Samson Liberal Québec-Centre
     Louis-Alfred Létourneau Liberal Québec-Est
     Joseph Ignatius Power Liberal Québec-Ouest
     Jean-Baptiste Lafrenière Liberal Richelieu
     Stanislas-Edmond Desmarais Liberal Richmond
     Louis-Joseph Moreault Liberal Rimouski
     Cyril-Améric Bernard Liberal Rouville
     Télesphore-Damien Bouchard Liberal Saint-Hyacinthe
     Alexis Bouthillier Liberal Saint-Jean
     Joseph-Auguste Frigon Liberal[1] Saint-Maurice
     Charles-Édouard Cantin Liberal Saint-Sauveur
     William Stephen Bullock Liberal Shefford
     Armand-Charles Crépeau Conservative Sherbrooke
     Avila Ferland Liberal Soulanges
     Alfred-Joseph Bissonnet Liberal Stanstead
     Joseph-Édouard Piché Liberal Témiscamingue
     Léon Casgrain Liberal Témiscouata
     Athanase David Liberal Terrebonne
     Maurice Duplessis Conservative Trois-Rivières
     Hormisdas Pilon Liberal Vaudreuil
     Félix Messier Liberal Verchères
     Charles Allan Smart Conservative Westmount
     Cyrénus Lemieux Liberal Wolfe
     David Lapperrière Liberal Yamaska

Other elected MLAs[edit]

Other MLAs were elected during by-elections in this term

Cabinet Ministers[edit]

  • Prime Minister and Executive Council President: Louis-Alexandre Taschereau
  • Agriculture: Joseph-Édouard Caron (1927-1929), Joseph-Léonide Perron (1929-1930), Adélard Godbout (1930-1931)
  • Colonization, Mines and Fishing: Joseph-Édouard Perrault (1927-1929), Hector Laferté (1929-1930)
    • Colonization, Hunting and Fishing: Hector Laferté (1929-1930)
    • Mines: Joseph-Édouard Perrault (1930-1931)
  • Public Works and Labour: Antonin Galipeault (1927-1930), Joseph-Napoléon Francoeur (1930-1931)
  • Lands and Forests: Honoré Mercier Jr
  • Roads: Joseph-Léonide Perron (1927-1929), Joseph-Édouard Perrault (1929-1931)
  • Municipal Affairs: Louis-Alexandre Taschereau
  • Attorney General: Louis-Alexandre Taschereau
  • Provincial secretary: Athanase David
  • Treasurer: Jacob Nicol (1927-1929), Andrew Ross McMaster (1929-1930), Gordon Wallace Scott (1930), Louis-Alexandre Taschereau (1930-1931)
  • Members without portfolios: Joseph-Charles-Ernest Ouellet (1929-1931), Narcisse Pérodeau (1929-1931), Gordon Wallace Scott (1930-1931)

New electoral districts[edit]

The electoral map was reformed in 1930 and the new map was first used in the general election of August 24, 1931.[16]

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