18" Mark 30 torpedo

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Mark 30 torpedo
18 inch Mk 30 Torpedo.jpg
A Mark 30 torpedo at the RAF Museum in Hendon
Type Homing torpedo[1]
Place of origin United Kingdom
Service history
In service 1954-1970[2]
Used by Royal Navy[2]
Royal Air Force
Production history
Designed 1950[2]
No. built 1200[2]
Variants Mark 30 Mod 1 torpedo
Diameter 18 inches[2]

Effective firing range 2500 yards[1]

Engine Electric[2]
Speed 19 knots[1]
Mark 30 torpedo on display at DCAE Cosford

The Mark 30 torpedo was a British 18-inch air dropped anti-submarine passive acoustic homing torpedo. The torpedo was air dropped from the Hawker-Siddeley Nimrod and Avro Shackleton aircraft.

The Mark 30, also referred to by its project name as Dealer B, was an eight-fin passive homing torpedo using conventional propellers. Issued in June 1954, Mark 30 production saw approximately 1,200 being built. It served in both the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force until 1970. Development on a variant, the Mark 30 Mod 1, was cancelled in 1955[2] after the Royal Navy decided to purchase the American Mark 43 torpedo as a replacement.[1]


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